How much is a herniated disk worth?

I was in a car accident where someone in a normal size van hit me from behind and forced my car into the one in front of me. My car was destroyed, the driver admits fault, and his insurance company claims 100% liability. The MRI shows two herniated discs in the neck. Is there any amount of ball park that my case would accept? My husband was also in the car and we have both been in therapy for 3 months, along with pain management appointments.

So far I have received 1 of 4 injections of lidocaine in my neck. Usually, two types of damage are considered for a herniated disc settlement. The first type is specific damage. This may include items such as medical bills, wheelchair rental or purchase, loss of payment, and other tangible expenses.

The second type is known as general damage. These damages are less tangible and can include pain and suffering and mental anguish. This number represents not only car accidents but all other forms of herniated disc bodily injury claims. If you have suffered a herniated disc at the hands of another person, it is likely that it occurred due to a car accident.

Any personal injury lawyer who suggests there is a herniated disc liquidation calculator or formula. Before I show you how to calculate the liquidation value of a disc herniation case, I'll explain what a herniated disc is and its relationship to an accident. If you have a pre-existing herniated disc or other degenerative back problem, an attorney working on your behalf can clearly state that your new injury is significantly different from your previous back problems. You should be aware of the above settlements for cases of accidents involving a herniated disc in the lower back.

Some of my favorite cases of herniated discs are when the at-fault driver was drunk at the time of the accident. I recently heard an orthopedic doctor say that no more than 1 or 2 discs can be herniated due to an accident. Settlement value of pain and suffering from a herniated disc caused by an accident in Florida, or on a cruise ship or boat. Below are some frequently asked questions related to the evaluation of herniated disc injury cases related to car accidents in Chicago.

The Chicago car accident injury lawyers at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC understand that the accident that caused your herniated disc was not your fault. We educate victims of herniated discs from car accidents about their rights to file a car accident herniated disc lawsuit. The mechanics of a herniated disc are complicated, but in general, the stress or impact of a car accident can cause one of the discs to move.

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