What if insurance estimate is too low?

Under your insurance company, you are entitled to receive all the benefits for which you have paid insurance premiums. If the insurance company and your insurance claims adjuster have undervalued your claim, you should immediately contact an attorney to review your case. Negotiating your low insurance repair estimate with your insurance company before going to court can be beneficial to both parties. A lot of times, car companies are willing to do this and come up with a good settlement agreement that avoids having to pay the costs of litigation.

When you know the true value of your vehicle, you are better equipped to negotiate with the car insurance company. After your car accident, the car will go to a vehicle claims adjuster. Then, he or she will determine how much money it will cost to repair it. Depending on the type of claim filed, there are two types of benefits you can receive.

The first is first-party benefits and the second is third-party benefits. If the claim is a third-party benefit claim, you will discuss the accident with the driver's car insurance company. Depending on what the insurance claim will entail, you may receive payment or have the insurance company send it directly to any provider involved in the loss, such as an auto mechanic. When you file your claim, your insurance company will refer you to a claims adjuster, who will verify the loss and make an initial determination as to what it will cost to repair the car.

Once the auto insurance adjuster looks at your vehicle, they will take pictures of your car and all areas of the car that are damaged. If the car accident occurred in Michigan, it's important to note that Michigan has “no-fault” insurance. Remember that a claims adjuster looks for reasons to reduce an insurance company's liability, and any admission of negligence can seriously compromise a claim. Therefore, after your auto insurance agent has inspected your vehicle, the technician will take pictures of the areas of the car and the damage and write a rating based on what needs to be repaired.

The tone should be informative because there will be no incentive on the part of the car insurance company if negotiations go smoothly without the need for legal proceedings; however, this does not mean that accidents don't happen as well. If you have a body shop that cannot repair your car according to the budget presented, the shop may decide to submit a supplemental application to the auto insurance company.

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