Is a bulging disc a serious injury?

For most people with a bulging disc, there will be no long-term consequences besides possible chronic pain. However, there may be permanent damage to the nerves if a severe case of a bulging disc is not fully treated. Herniated discs, also known as ruptured discs, are a serious back injury common in car accidents. In many cases, these injuries can have long-term or permanent consequences for your health.

These injuries could result in restricted movement, chronic pain, and numbness in severe cases. A jury found that the victim of the rear accident did not suffer a permanent injury. Until it gets worse, of course. It is common for a car accident to convert a symptomatic (painless) disc into an asymptomatic (pain-causing) disc.

In other words, car accidents can make the disc bulge worse. The presence of a bulging disc before the accident is often the argument of the insurer. Whiplash can cause a bulging disc in the neck and is common in car accidents due to trauma, an abnormal range of motion that the neck goes through in accidents. A fall, car accident, or work-related accident leading to a workers' compensation claim can also cause sudden twisting, pressure, or movement that can push a disc out of place and cause a lump to develop.

If the accident worsened your bulging disc or turned your asymptomatic disc (which does not cause pain) into an asymptomatic disc (which causes pain), it is enough in the hands of a good lawyer. A bulging disc can be aggravated by a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, and many other types of accidents. A bulging disc in the neck after a car accident is one of the most common injuries that can occur to you after a car accident. While a bone vertebra can be fractured in a car accident or other type of accident, most commonly it is the disc between the two vertebrae that is damaged in an accident.

Bulging discs are quite common and are often the result of the natural aging process, although they can also be caused by traumatic accidents, such as car accidents from behind. The car accident lawyers at Crosley Law help accident victims with a variety of injuries to the neck, spinal cord and back, including bulging discs.

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