Is a pinched nerve a work related injury?

Pinched nerves often occur during an accident at work. Repetitive movements at work and at home can cause a nerve to be pinched. If you have recently pinched a nerve while working, you may be entitled to workers' compensation. A pinched nerve is a painful and debilitating injury.

If you suffered a pinched nerve in a work-related accident, you will need to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits. These injuries can be the result of repetitive movements that some jobs require. A repetitive work injury can occur in several ways, either from physical compression (pinching of a nerve) or from inflammation or trauma from overuse. If you or a family member has suffered nerve or tendon injuries at work, you may be entitled to apply for workers' compensation.

Our Pennsylvania lawyers can help you do that. We know how difficult it can be to navigate workplace accident laws after being injured on the job. Insurance companies take advantage of people who don't understand their legal rights. Here is information about a workers' compensation claim with pinched nerves and how to get a fair settlement.

Workplace injuries can have a devastating effect on an employee. The injured worker may suddenly be forced to take time off work, which can lead to lost wages and potentially even to apply for workers' compensation. And, while there are many different types of injuries that a worker can suffer while on the job, an all-too-common work injury many employees face is a pinched nerve. If a work-related accident has left you with a pinched nerve, you should seek the help of a workers' compensation lawyer licensed in your state.

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